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About Milos

It will not be easy for you to abandon your apartment or studio in Polyegos View, we know, but once you do, Milos is an island of extraordinary beauty, waiting for you to explore. Let’s check some of the highlights of Milos and we have made sure to throw in a few insider’s tips as well!

We will be welcoming you with a map of Milos, among other goodies, where you will also see that the island is a naturally shaped port; the largest in the Aegean. The north side is the most populated one and gathers almost all of the villages and settlements, the south is more volcanic, right beneath the inactive volcano of Milos, the east is not easily accessible and it is a bit more industrial, with modern and past mining activity and the west is the least easily accessible but the incredible beautiful virgin territory of the island, where Kleftiko is.

Let’s take a look at the villages and settlement of Milos; we will start with Pollonia, where Polyegos View is located. In the northeast point of the island, Pollonia is a quiet, seaside village that gathers the gastronomical interest of the island, with a local winery and some of the best restaurants of Milos and is your venture point to visit neighbouring Kimolos. The port of the island and the main hub during the summer months is Adamas, in the heart of Milos. It is a vibrant town with shops, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and nightlife, definitely worth a visit. The capital of Milos is Plaka, the stunning traditional town on the top of the hill above Adamas, with narrow paved alleys, small restaurants and cafes, bars and little shops that await for you to explore but make sure you do not lose track of time because this is where the magic of the best sunset in the island happens! We will not leave Klima and Mandrakia out of this list of course; these little fishing villages with the traditional fishermen boat houses will make quite an impression.

You can easily spend a week in Milos and still have plenty to explore so a must-see list is futile but we cannot leave some sites umentioned. Kleftiko for instance is probably the most famous landmark of Milos; the old pirate lair is a complex of caves and bays with crystal clear waters, accessible by boat (don’t hesitate to ask us for help with that). Sarakiniko is the stunning white volcanic beach of Milos, a lunar landscape of unprecedented beauty and Papafragas cave is a breathtaking volcanic cave with a small beach inside (careful, you cannot climb down though).

The Catacombs of Milos, the spot where Venus de Milo, the famous statue, was found, the ancient theater, the ancient town of Phylacopi, the Milos Mining Museum, the Folklore Museum and of course the Archaeological Museum will take you through a journey in time to explore the rich history and geology of Milos, two aspects that have intertwined for centuries to create the island that Milos is today.

And if you thought that you will swim in a few beaches, think again as this island has more than 70 different beaches for you to choose from: pebbly, sandy, rocky, deep-watered, shallow-watered, secluded, deserted, organised; you name it and you can find it here. From the north with Pollonia and Polychronis, Mytakas, Pahena, Sarakiniko, Plathiena and Fyropotamos, to the south and Fyriplaka, Tsigrado, Provatas, Ag.Kyriaki and Paliochori, this island does not disappoint. And if Milos is not enough, take a boat tour to Polyegos, the uninhabited island right across from Milos, and swim in incredible blue waters, an experience hard to beat.

Swimming, hiking, kayaking and scuba-diving are just some of the ways to explore this multifaceted island and we are happy to have Polyegos View as your home on the island.